The quality of artists as well as the whole music industry has grown tremendously in the small tourist town of Malindi. There are talents to reckon with at the moment. I have been close to Cfree and i have not only seen growth in his quality of music by also maturity. The quality of Mahaba is astonishing. Actually, it is best video i have seen in terms of graphics from an Artist in malindi. The choice of scenery and shot taken should be applauded.

Artist's Profile:

Real Name:chrisborn fred

Stage Name: Cfree aka Chrisborn

Genre: zuick rhumba,r'n'b & crunk

Hobbies: Swimming and playing soccer

Single released:

  1. You never know

  2. What comes around

  3.  After you

  4. Ni wangu

  5. Hivyo hivyo

  6. Achana nae

  7. Nauliza house remix

  8. Ni nani?

  9. Au sio

  10. Pakazia

  11. Naitoke

  12. Mazoea

  13. Ujana

  14. Nauliza

  15. naitoke


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