The other day, we ran a story, 'Malindi Muslim Students arrested for being Muslims in Kakamega.' Well, now a newly convert underage 17yr old boy, Patrick Hamesa has been arrested for suspicion of being an Al-shabab member by Malindi Police.

The MAMSA HIGH SCHOOL Director Mohamed Ali Al-amoudy, who talked to www.malindians.com confirmed his arrest. He Said the boy who is a form four in his school is a newly convert and hard working boy. He said, the boy learns in the day and falls back as a boda boda rider at night in order to sustain his studies.

The boy's dream is to learn albeit with difficulty so as he could help his family. This dream may be shattered because of The police's recklessness and misplaced apprehension.

The police arrest of this boy renews the call for 'war against muslims' instead the 'war against terror.'

Questions will and always be asked?

1. Are the police sincere in the war against terror?
2. Can the police respect 'sacredness' of Students.
3. Can the police show the course that Muslims are not terrorized by their actions?
4. Are the police losing the war against terror?

By: The Malindians

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