Malindi, Kenya.
10/7/2014. has gone deep into investigating the cries of two certain families who think the government is out to shatter their lives. Both incidences have made many people wonder, can the police really be trusted?

Dyana Swaleh
A well known Driver plying Malindi-Lamu route. On the fateful day, took the evening route to Lamu. On reaching Mambo Leo area, he was flagged down by heavily armed militias. They killed the passengers on board and his co-driver before being beaten and tortured and was left unconscious mistaking he was dead. The militias took his matatu and they went ahead and committed the heinous acts and terror.

After regaining his consciousness he strolled through the dangerous forest with wild animals to Lamu Highway where Tawakal mini bus Driver came to his rescue. He was admitted to King Fahad Lamu District Hospital. After regaining fitness, he voluntarily went to the police station to report the matter.

The police arrested him and he is now charged with the murder of 60 people. This is how Kenya police can go petty. An already tortured person being inflicted pain after pain.

Mahdy Swaleh
He was once arrested on 'suspicion' of being a terrorist. Reason? He put up long beard and long hair.

The Mpeketoni killings occurred and the police were warned into making arrests within 48 hours or else face the sacking. They had to make the arrests badly no matter who. They came for Mr. Mahdy only this time the charges read, 'Charged for financing the killing.'

The Mainstream Press followed suit:
- The Star, ' A lamu TYCOON Among 69 arrested.'
- The NTV, 'Justice for Mpeketoni: Dyana Swaleh and Mahdy Swaleh a business man charged with murder.''

'For those who know Mr. Mahdy, Being charged for financing the killings is absurd and fabrication of the Beaten Police. To call him a 'tycoon' then English has lost it's meaning.'- A close friend speaking on anonymity wondered.

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By: The Malindians Team

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