www.malindians.com would like to wish our readers and the entire Malindi Muslim Populace Eid Mubarak!

The Chief kadhi having and obligatory mandate to announce the start and the end of the month of Ramadan. He is also the chairman of the moon sighting committee mandated to announce the same. The chief Kadhi and his team did their work diligently and announced eid would be on Monday, 28th of July. 2014.

We do recognize their work is big and complex hence need more time to verify and ascertain if really the moon was sighted. But two influential entities have rejected The Kadhis announcement.
1. Mambrui Factor
2. Al-amoody family.
We are asking them, who have mandated them to announce to people the citation of the moon. Furthermore, Mosques are for Allah, it does not belong to anyone.

www.malindians.com asked Ustadh Jaffar Muhammad Shariff said Al-beidh at around 12.22am midnigt and he replied frankly, ''I don't know what to say.'

To Jamia mosque and Mambrui, our Islamic and spiritual leader in Kenya is The Chief Kadhi, We will not follow the Al-amoody Family because they cannot purport to hold higher authority in Malindi Islamic activities.

The Malindi People have spoken

By: The Malindians Team

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