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Kakamega, Kenya.

Students are 'sacred' beings in a system where laws are respected and upholding of the constitution is respected! A SYSTEM TERRORIZING STUDENTS is unjust, barbaric and brutal.

On 19th of July 2014, at around 7pm at the time Kakamega Muslims break their fast, sat a form 4, a 19yr old Ali Amin Said a student at Kakamega Muslim School and a form 3 a 17yr old Murshid Said of Mumias Boys High school, both from Malindi, Kilifi county as they break their fast.

Then hell broke loose, They came, The police to arrest the innocent students for suspicion of being Somali Jihadi memers, Al-shabab trainees. One wonders where they get their intelligence from.

The two were taken to kakamega Police station at around 8pm where they were questioned and were told that they were Shabab members who have come to Kakamega to spy and file a report to Shabab. For the record, These students learnt in Kakamega for 4 and 3 years respectively learning in High school.

The two boys were then released the following morning without any charges proffered against them.

1. Do we Coastarian Muslim refrain from Sending our kids to learn upcountry?
2. Can the system recognize the 'sacredness' of students.
3. Can the system stop harassing Muslims for being Muslims?

By: The Malindians Team

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