Malindi has always had a good share of good times and this is not ending anytime soon. Today, we are looking at how #PEOPLEOFMALINDI are by nature fun loving people. throwback thursday malindi.com_throwback thursday


It doesn't end there, the fun keep on going on and on!!

malindi.com_throwback thursday malindians.com_throwback thursday

Here are more moments........ as witnessed by malindians

malindians.com_throwback thursday malindi.info_foto048_16

Fun knows no limit



malindi.info_foto052_16 malindi.info_foto079_15

Malindi is surely the best place to come by and have fun

malindi.info_foto101_10 malindi.info_foto049_5

malindi.info_foto063_16 malindi.info_foto064_18

malindi.info_foto067_18 malindi.info_foto073_16

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