Its official, Kenyans are yet to evolve to reach the beautiful standards set by other continents after we were rated no.1 on the most ugliest people scale……..yes ladies those expensive weaves and bleaching cream ain’t helping you at all.

Now most of you might be wondering what poll am talking about, well hold your horse am getting there, an Annual Most Beautiful People Awards was held at the Gregor Theater in Bloemfontein SA and we reclaimed our title that we held back in 2000 as the funniest looking people in Africa.

The top position was taken by Rwanda, followed by Cameroon and then Ethiopia as second runner up……that’s really no surprise. The last three positions were Kenya at 48, Zambia at 47, then Gabon, at 46. We were judged based on our presentation, physical appearance, grooming, communication and other areas.

So ladies quit spending money on beauty products and other ‘make me look good’ services since they ain’t helping at low………time to cut off my hair.

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