'An Island of peace' This is at least per what The Italian Tourists and residents have called Malindi for years. Malindi people who rely heavily economically to tourism have conducted themselves well and Malindi enjoyed serenity of peace for long.

When Kenya went to the dogs during the 2007/2008 botched election, the resilient Malindi kept the cool! People from other parts of the country were warmly welcomed in Malindi.

When The entire Coast region was devastated by separatist Agenda being spread widely by Mombasa Republican council whereby, the campaign was mostly marred by bloody confrontation by the Government, the resilient Malindi, Kept off from the Movement hence, violence was given a wide berth in Malindi. Serenity of peace reigned in Malindi.

Burglaries, theft and robberies was hardly heard in Malindi, Tourism flourished, Economically Malindi was stable.
BUT, where did the rain start beating MALINDI???!

Name: Faez M. Omar
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