It was an event that was marked pomp and glory as the "Hustler" aka Honourable Deputy President visited our town for the first time since his election into power. Malindi Education Development Association (MEDA) invited the Hustler to their annual Iftar fundraising that raised almost five million shillings. For those who can't remember, here is a post that will refresh your memory. Wish such a fat bank account balance, the organization was expected to run smoothly and provide their core services to the public.

However, barely a year later, there are claims that the MEDA is broke with claims of corruption, gross mismanagement of both organization and donor fund as well as irregular sales of equipment donated to them to aid the disabled. This raises many questions on the whereabouts of the funds that were raised during the Iftar dinner.

A number of students that are said beneficiaries of bursaries from the organization have been having school fees issues. As we publish this article, we are compiling a list of names of students that have been affected by the financial crisis.


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