As usual, Ramadhan in the little coastal town of Malindi is characterized by the Annual Iftar that is usually hosted by Malindi Education and Development Association (MEDA). This year was not any different. MEDA didn't not disappoint, in fact it got bigger with the name change Malindi Education and Development Foundation (MEDEF).
Despite getting the info late, i made quick arrangement not to miss the event. After a purchase of a card worth ksh.250 (Proceeds that goes to the fundraiser). After Maghrib prayers, i was set out to find the visitors that had been invited to this years fundraisers. On the high table was the vocal constituent from Garissa Town, Honaurable Aden Duale, EGH, M.P. as well as the Leader of Majority in Parliament. He was seated next to Malindi owns Honourable Dan Kazungu,who on this occasion had adorned a white Kanzu. On the same table were local secular and religious leaders.
Aden Duale in Malindi
Food was in plenty within these circles so was the security with comprised of armed personnel which i could not at the moment identify the unit they were from. There was also presence of the County Government security Personnel aka "Kanjos".

So after eating to their fill, the "Waheshimiwa" left for the Hall where the rest of the event would take place. It was unfortunate that most of the local population left thereafter but for the rest who remained, projected slideshow of projects by MEDA was done.

The dark cinema hall couldn't conceal the entrance of Mombasa County Govern, Hon Hassan Ali Joho who was flanked by Mvita Constituency MP, AbdulSwammad Nassir. Their presence was noticable by the flashes of pictures taken bu journalists. Not long afterwards, Kilifi County Governor entered the hall just the presentation ended and they (invited dignitaries) were taken up the stage where tables were well laid out for them.

joho n kingi    joho kingi and abdul

Word from people is that, about Four Million shillings was raised. I am yet to get an official confirmation from MEDEF officials on the actual amount raised by the iftar fundraiser.

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