Malindi Sub County in Kilifi County will this year be represented at the annual national scout competition by two secondary schools from Malindi Kenya. The Annual Competition is scheduled to be held later in the year.
Mamsa high school and malindi high school, both from Mlaindi Kenya, have qualified to represent the coast region in the annual competition which will be held in September at the Rowallan scouts camp in Nairobi.
Mr. Farhan Mohamed, the principle Mamsa High school, praised the school's scout team for qualifying for the national phase of the competition citing their dedication and discipline as the key to their success.
The scouting team has invested a lot of their time in practicing for these event and the fruits of their labour are visible for everyone to see and as a school we very proud of them.” Said Mr. Farhan.

The 10 young men who make up the Mamsa High scouting team are competing in the rover category and they are optimistic of further success in Nairobi.
My young men emerged 1st place in zonal competitions and 1st place also in regional levels and we are certain they will emerge tops in the national finals”, continued the proud principle.
Mr farhan also stressed the importance of co-curricular activities in schools stating that they helped in developing a holistic individually both inside and outside the classroom.
According to the Mamsa High principal, activities like sports and club activities fostered discipline in the pupils and also imparted valuable human skills in them.
When these students take part in team activities, they develop skills like communication and teamwork which they will find useful later on in life,” Mr. Farhan added.
Mr Farhan also said that the scouting tem was also going to be involved in community service activities like cleanups in and around Malindi town as a way of giving back to the community.

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