The roads in Malindi town are a source of shame and if left as such it is going to cost the town losses in revenue and potential job losses.

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A section of small scale traders operating along Lamu road in Malindi town are concerned at the apparent neglect of the road which is along high end establishments that attract both locals and tourists.
The section most affected starts from Stars n Garters bar and restaurant and runs up to the Nakumatt supermarket mall, the section that stretches for approximately 400 meters is characterized by potholes which have turned into small lakes now that it’s raining.
Mr. Peter Kariuki who hawks music cds along Lamu road says that the stretch is frequented by tourists who may want to visit the various entertainment spots along this stretch which coincidentally includes two of the top night clubs in Malindi and a popular restaurant.
“The fact that Nakumatt supermarket is along this infamous stretch further complicates things as the image being projected to visitors is Malindi town is neglecting its infrastructure. “Said Mr. Kariuki.
Mr. Kariuki continued, “The road has huge vehicle traffic both incoming and outgoing into Malindi town has been clearly neglected as the potholes keep on getting bigger and the rain has left paddles on the road making most pedestrians avoid this road.”
Mr. Ali Shehe who drives a tuktuk and is based along Lamu road says that most people are avoiding Lamu road every time it rains as the road has no drainage system and vehicles are notorious for splashing pedestrians with dirty water every time it rains.
“The people operating small businesses along this stretch are losing business as clients avoid it whenever it rains and in the end all this people are going to be jobless and you can rest assured that is going to be future problem,” Mr. Shehe told us.
As off the time of publishing this story, attempts to reach the town administrator for a comment were futile as he was not in his office.
Malindi residents are familiar with the unattractive sight of our only round about getting flooded every time it rains despite constant promises of the drainage systems rehabilitation by the county administration, but as Mr. Kamau and Mr. Shehe said, now that the tourist high season is upon us, the bet is that the county is finally going to act.

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