A popular night club in Malindi kenya has temporarily closed its doors or better yet switched off its music to enable a new management to move in and clean house or better yet again, clean the dance floor.
Stardust disco club situated along Lamu road switched off its music on Wednesday last week after the management allegedly failed to pay rent for several months.
This is the 2nd time the club is changing management in a span of 24 months due to various reasons ranging from health to rent arrears.
The owner of the establishment popularly known to most revelers as Marco leased the club to its outgoing management after health complications took a toll on him and he had to seek medical treatment abroad.
The most notable change after Marco left was the change of deejays which saw veteran disc jockey and Malindi’s favorite son dj Ali Papi leave the establishment where he had been in charge of entertainment for close to a decade.
Unconfirmed reports from sources close to the former management revealed that Marco was owed rent amounting to approximately Kshs 500,000 which prompted him to kick them out and revert himself as the manager.
That with a keen eye will not fail to see that the retake of the popular disco coincides with the onset of the tourist high season which begs the question of whether rent was the only deal breaker.
As the club comes under new “old” management patrons can only wonder and speculate at the changes to expect, the biggest one of them whether dj Ali Papi currently the in-house dj in Fermento disco will cross the road and ‘rudi nyumbani.’
Both management camps seem intent on keeping a tight lid on the ongoing tussle and nobody is sure when the club will re open but the biggest winners of this closure for sure has to be Fermento disco and Patapata beach club who are sure enjoying the increased number of patrons as their competitors music remains turned off.

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