It has started raining, not heavily as warned by weather experts, but pouring it is and it is expected to get worse with time as the weather phenomenon known as El Niño arrives at our coast.
The weather people have been warning us of the devastating effects of these rains for some time now and the national government even set aside funds to deal with the resulting effects which may include displacement, disease, flooding and probably food aid.
County governments were also advised to prepare by taking necessary and compulsory steps towards alleviating the effects of the blows of the rains, e.g., by clearing drainage systems, building structures to prevent soil erosion and possibly landslides, moving its “countizens” to higher grounds in flood prone areas etc.
Every day in the media, newspapers or TV, we see what other counties are doing towards these objectives which could turn out to be lifesaving, but what is happening in our own county, more specifically Malindi sub county?
Everyone in Malindi knows what a little down pour does to our streets, the streets always become flooded owing to an old clogged drainage system that was last judged effective when KANU was in power, and the areas worse affected are always the roundabout and the stretch from Raghib store to Sabaki pharmacy.
With the expected rains fast approaching there has been no visible activity by the county people to address these serious problem and no explanation has been offered so far, it’s like the county leadership has decided to approach these issue in a curative rather than preventative way medically speaking.
The Malindi drainage system is clogged and we all know it, the money the county is setting aside could be used for these works, the only drainage way directing the town center’s flood water flows past Star Hospital, past Lawfords Hotel next to Ginnery Cemetery and into the ocean but a spot-check on these system reveals a system clogged with sand, garbage and all types of debris.
Has the county government done any capacity building on the issue? No. what is it waiting for? Nobody knows and when the floods hit we will be the first ones blaming the National Government for problems we could handle ourselves.
Mr. Governor, I understand you are busy showing solidarity with your political party peers and also strategizing on your corruption case which we know is a plot to finish you politically but please at least do something about these El Niño, am not asking you to find ways to curb unemployment or build roads or God forbid you know, do something as big as initiate development in Kilifi county, am only asking you to mitigate the effects of El Niño.

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