The yesterday  was a wonderful sunny Saturday like many others during this season. However, this saturday was different from the others. I had received an invitation from Kenya Conference Solutions to attend Sanaa Pop-up at Kilifi Plantation, in Kilifi. Kilifi is a small town South of Malindi on your way to Mombasa.

I couldn't go to the event solo. The organizers had requested creatives from Malindi and with the time frame, Cfree assured me of his availability. Since "Sanaa" was sorted, i got Eriko Njogu to fill up the Business section of the team. Together, we made up the Malindi Business Team, a wing of that has for the last 3 months been offering business visibility solutions. Malindi Business offers advertisement for businesses on two platforms; Print and online in form of catalogs.

The journey was uneventful and before long we were in the County capital. we headed out straight to the venue, Kilifi Plantations. The large grass paddocks brought me fond memories of "KILIFI GOLD" a brand of milk produced at the same plantations. Most of the exhibitors and artists had already setup by the time we had arrived and the rest did not long to finish up.

The setting of this event was amazing. The grass paddock gave the event a "fresh from the farm" taste. We took no time to get accustomed to the place and that meant grabbing some hay bundles and using them as seats. We arranged more hay bundles to form a tables and we were ready to go,

The place was filled with amazing pieces of art; from well designed bags, aprons and trousers to flowers vases. There was amazing painting, chairs and art from old rubber slippers. in short, art was well represented.

Food was in plenty. Kilifi being a coastal town, pilau and biriani couldn't be missed. One of the corners had grilled sea food while the other had authentic East African coffee. Those who attended ate and drank to their fill.

Topping it all was nice music from a live band. There was amazing performance from several artists and bands. One of the bands come all the way from Nairobi while another come from Mombasa. Among the artist who performed was Ondi L. Madete

I would like to thank Patricia as well as Kenya Conference Solutions for the invite. The event has taught Malindians and malindi Business a lot. It was also nice meeting some of my peers, this is for you Jamila El-Jabry of lifeinmombasa

komzinc and eriko eriko and cfree

kivukoni school students ladies

malindi massive enjoying lunch rubber art

rubber art kilifi bridge wide

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